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Mission Statement
Heritage Counseling Center is committed to addressing today's substance abuse issues from an openly faith-based perspective, while meeting the requirements of the Department of Corrections and the state of Colorado. Groups and counseling integrate faith-based values into every aspect of the education and therapeutic process.
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Relapse Prevention
  • Identifying triggers.
  • Developing coping strategies.
  • Identifying & changing self defeating self-talk.
  • Reframing thought processes.
  • After-care support.
  • How to not switch addictions.
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Denver, CO  80231
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Treatment Focus.
Defining healthy relationships.
Developing communication skills.
Using assertiveness appropriately.
Improving self-esteem & confidence.
Working through grief & loss issues.
Learning positive parenting skills.
Conflict & stress management.
Establishing healthy boundaries.
Treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.
Understanding the negative consequences of substance use & abuse.
Creating support network within family, friends, community and church.